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Round Bone Roast

$8.60 / lb

ROUND BONE ROAST (aka ARM ROAST)!  Full of rich beef flavor, this cut of meat is recommend for slow, moist cooking methods such as stewing and braising, to bring you an exceptional beef experience.

This roast comes in an approximately 3 – 4 pound vacuum sealed packages.

Sizzle Steak

$7.75 / lb

Our very thinly sliced steak is perfect for Philly steak sandwiches.  Sizzle Steak comes in 1 pound (approximately) vacuum sealed packages. 

Soup/Edible Beans

$2.15$2.35 / lb

Recipes coming soon!  Soup/Edible Beans are such a great source of protein and fiber. Fresh from the fields that we grow the crops on for the cattle.  Very versatile, great flavor, and so fast to cook that it just might make your day a little faster.  “NON-GMO Beans”

Available in 1 pound packages.

Stir Fry Meat

$7.50 / lb

Cook up our stir fry beef and mix with some fresh veggies, like colored peppers, mushrooms and make a healthy meal!  Our stir fry meat comes pre-cut 1 lb. vacuum sealed packages and is ready for your favorite dish.