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Beef Bacon

$11.76 / lb

Wait for it!!  BEEF BACON!  That’s right, cooks the same as pork bacon but the flavor and texture is breath taking.  The beef bacon is cut from the brisket area and the flavor is mouth watering.


Beef Bacon comes in 1/2 lb to 1.5 lb vacuum sealed packages.


Beef Heart

$4.00 / lb

This is a tasty piece of meat!  Each 2 to 5 pound package contains 1/2 of a heart and is vacuum sealed.

Beef Kabob Meat

$8.40 / lb

KABOB INFO AND RECIPES!  Just the right size, our pre-cut beef is perfect for sliding on skewers with your favorite fresh vegetables and fruit. Don’t forget to marinade for that extra special flavor!  You can find our favorite recipe below.

Beef Rib Rack

$11.65 / lb


Beef Rib Rack ….also known as Beef Back Ribs.  These ribs are the beef rack that comes off of the Prime Rib Roast.  So flavorful and succulent just like the Prime Rib. Slowly cook these Ribs to perfection and the meat falls off the bone. A crowd pleaser that keeps them coming back for more. No leftovers here!!

Each set of rib rack comes vacuum sealed and 1 per package.

Beef Snack Sticks

$5.00 / ea

Try our Beef Snack Sticks made locally from Our Small Family Farm Raised Beef.  They are full of protein to give you that boost you need from a quick snack.  Three flavors to choose from: HONEY BBQ, CHEESY JALAPENO, and SMOKED PEPPER. DELICIOUS!!

Beef Summer Sausage

$8.00 / lb

This Beef Summer Sausage is made with “ALL” Our Beef!!  If you know what our beef tastes like, you can imagine what this summer sausage will taste like.  It’s great for so many occasions and events….or just a quick protein filled snack.  Comes in 1 lb. vacuum sealed pkg.