Hi I’m Jesse,  I started Steaks and Cupcakes LLC to share with everyone  our love of the farm!!  We take pride in growing all our own feed, raising healthy beef and my sister, Marlena makes Gourmet Filled Cupcakes (MJs Kupcakery LLC) right here on the farm also.  So what a better way to share with everyone, than to make available our “STEAKS AND CUPCAKES” for all to enjoy.

A little history….Back in the 1940’s my Grandpa Mike went off to the military in WWII…he sent home money whenever he could and asked his dad Walter to put the money down on this farm if it ever went up for sale.  Low and behold, while Grandpa Mike was in Germany during the war…THIS farm went up for sale and Grandpa Mike’s hard earned money was put down to hold the farm…and THAT started our history.

   When Grandpa Mike came back from the war and had married Grandma Donna, their farm life began together. First getting electricity into the 3 room log cabin house, and raising the cow and pig that was given to them by their parents to get started. Some 40 odd  years of farming and raising 6 children…my dad Dave being one of them…Grandpa & Grandma retired in the 1980’s.

   My Dad & Mom (Dave & Karen) married in 1980, raising 5 of us (4 boys & 1 girl)  by milking cows and growing crops, working side by side with all of us in tow, at all times. Three of us still work full time on the farm and the other 2 help out whenever we need them. You just can’t take farming out of the heart of the true farm kid!!!  We have many memories of getting up at 4am to get the milking chores done before heading off to school or spending long days with all of us picking stones.  Everyone had chores to do, no matter what the age….there was no such thing as sleeping in…except on Christmas Day…that was the only day we could sleep in…Dad and Mom got up real early and did all the chores so we could sleep in!  But this taught each and every one of us the best work ethic we could ever learn..

   We were taught to work hard for what you want and ….like my Grandpa Mike used to say …TAKE CARE OF THE LAND AND THE ANIMALS…and THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!   We are not a big farm by any means, so there will be times that some items will be out of stock…you can’t rush raising a critter, they are all different. So we still put in long hours, making sure we are good stewards of the land, making sure our animals are fed well balanced rations and treated “like we would want to be treated”….and through all this…still keeping family at the HEART OF THE FARM!!

So please enjoy our STEAKS AND CUPCAKES knowing they are grown/baked with the dedication and the love of farming that has been passed down thru the generations. I now have 8 nieces and nephews (4th generation) that come out to help on the farm when they can.  We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t put on our own family farm table…and that is HONESTY FROM THE HEART.