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Beef Heart

$4.00 / lb

This is a tasty piece of meat!  Each 2 to 5 pound package contains 1/2 of a heart and is vacuum sealed.

Beef Kabob Meat

$8.40 / lb

KABOB INFO AND RECIPES!  Just the right size, our pre-cut beef is perfect for sliding on skewers with your favorite fresh vegetables and fruit. Don’t forget to marinade for that extra special flavor!  You can find our favorite recipe below.

Beef Short Ribs

$7.75 / lb

SHORT RIBS INFO AND RECIPES!  Short Ribs are FULL of flavor and very tender when slow cooked to perfection. These chunk size ribs can also be used to simmer for favorite homemade beef soup. 

Our Short Ribs come in an approximately 2 pound vacuum sealed package.

Beef/Gourmet Cupcake Sampler

$65.00 / bundle

2#-Ground Beef

1-Blade Roast

1-NY Strip Steak

1-Rib Steak

6 pk-Gourmet Filled Cupcakes

(Please select 6 Cupcakes below)

At least 6#’s total meat